Paul Weg


Paul is married to his lovely wife, Nelvia. They have been blessed with  43 years of marriage and are planning for more to come.  They have three grown children, Tricia, Teri, and Mike.  They have five amazing grandchildren and Lord willing, they are looking forward to more.  Paul owns his own business,  Sunco Pest Exterminating. Nelvia is currently working as a nurse manager at Friendship Village in Tempe. Both Paul and Nelvia were raised in  devout Christian homes.  Neither remembers a time they did not trust Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.  An interesting fact about Paul and Nelvia is that they are high school sweethearts. Even though 70 miles separated them, they providentially met in high school.  Their parents were committed to Christian education and there was only one Christian high school in the area.  Both had to commute a distance, but God in His wisdom brought them together this way.  Paul and Nelvia were one of the founding families that formed Immanuel Presbyterian. Paul has faithfully served as a ruling elder and now serves as deacon.  Nelvia is currently leading the Ladies’ Bible study that meets every Friday at 11:30 at Arbys (Gilbert Rd. & McKellips).